Accounting Services for Companies without a VAT Number in Lithuania

All companies registered in Lithuania are obliged to keep accounting records. The accounting of each company must meet the standards set by the State.

The cost of service depends on the presence of a tax number of the company, the number of processed primary documents, employees, credit and leasing contracts. It should be noted that not all companies in Lithuania are obliged to register, as obliged by turnover tax. It depends on the turnover and activities of the company.

All documents must be sent to your accountant in order to be submitted on time. The delay in return is punishable by fines imposed by the Tax and Customs Department of Lithuania.

Monthly fee for companies without VAT number:

up to 5 documents per month
150 EUR
from 6 to 15 documents per month
200 EUR
from 16 to 30 documents per month
250 EUR
from 31 documents per month