Apostille and Sworn Translations of Documents of the Lithuanian Company

Apostille and Sworn Translations of Documents of the Lithuanian CompanyThe sworn translations of documents of a Lithuanian company and their subsequent apostille includes a number of strictly defined formal procedures for giving documents legal force on the territory of another state. The basic rule of apostille is that the procedure itself is carried out exclusively on the territory of the state where this document was issued, and is carried out by a notary. In turn, the translation of documents is carried out by a sworn translator, since the company’s documents are issued in the state language.

The purpose of legalizing documents issued in one country is their validity and the possibility of presentation in government departments, notary offices and banks of another country.

Company in Lithuania UAB offers sworn translation/Apostille of the following documents of the Lithuanian company:

Certificate of establishment of the company

Company Charter

List of shareholders/beneficiaries of the company

Apostille is an international standardized form for filling in information about the legality of a document for presentation on the territory of countries that recognize such a form of legalization. For most European countries, an apostille is not needed – sworn translations of company documents are enough.

This package of documents is sufficient for you to apply for opening an account for a Lithuanian company in a foreign bank, or to carry out transactions on behalf of a Lithuanian company in other states (representation by a notary, opening a branch or subsidiary)

Certificate of establishment of a Lithuanian company with an Apostille in English 300 EUR
Package of sworn documents of the company with Apostille in English 900 EUR
Sending documents by mail 50 EUR
Sending documents by courier 100 EUR

To order documents in other languages, contact us and get an individual price offer.

Before sending the documents by mail or courier, we will send the scanned documents to the Lithuanian company by e-mail.


  • What is an Apostille?
    An apostille is an international certificate comparable to notarization in domestic legislation, suitable for presentation on the territory of countries that recognize this form of legalization. The stamp “Apostille” is put on the originals and copies of documents.
  • Why do I need an Apostille?
    If an agreement is applied between two countries, an Apostille is sufficient to confirm the validity of the document. This eliminates the need for dual certification conducted by the country of origin and then by the recipient country.
  • Is the delivery of documents included in the price?
    No, the cost of delivery will be paid additionally and will depend on the chosen method of document delivery. Company in Lithuania UAB offers the following delivery options:
    • Sending documents by mail is carried out for 20 EUR
    • Sending documents by courier will cost an additional 50 EUR
  • What is necessary to order company documents with an Apostille?
    Contact a representative of our company in a convenient way for you and agree on the list of documents of the Lithuanian company that you would like to order. After paying the bill, our lawyer will prepare a power of attorney so that a representative of Company in Lithuania UAB can order your company's documents in the Lithuanian Commercial Register and perform a number of subsequent legal procedures. As soon as the documents are ready, we will send their scans and send the originals to the address you specified.

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