Assistance in Renting or Buying Real Estate in Lithuania

If you are interested in renting or buying an office/warehouse/apartment/house for your Lithuanian company, Company in Lithuania UAB specialists will be glad to help you in this. Our company cooperates with the leaders of the Lithuanian real estate market, so we will be able to offer you the best real estate objects, fully corresponding to your requests and needs. We will find a suitable solution for both private and business clients.

Procedure for the provision of services:

Send us your real estate inquiries.

Get a quotation and terms of cooperation from us.

Services offered by us:

  • Help in selecting office/warehouse/apartment/house depending on requirements and budget.
  • Assistance in concluding a lease/purchase agreement in accordance with Lithuanian law.
  • Participation in negotiations and agreement on the best price and terms of purchase/lease of real estate in Lithuania.

Useful information:

In 2021, a sufficient number of new office premises appeared again in Vilnius due to high demand and positive expectations of developers. In total, in 2021, nine new projects (stages) were completed, resulting in 97 700 sq. m office space on the market. The previous record for new offices was in 2020, and between 2020 and 2021, the Vilnius market was supplemented with an additional 200,000 square meters of office space. With the completion of these projects, the total usable modern office space (class A and B) increased by 11 per cent to 984,700 square kilometres by the end of 2021 (see all projects on OHMAP). Currently, Vilnius has 1.76 sq.m of useful office space per capita.

General information about Vilnius offices

  • Total office space– 984, 700 м2
  • Total office vacancy rate – 6.7%
  • Vacant office space – 66, 300 м2
  • A class office vacancy rate – 2.3%
  • B class office vacancy rate – 9.8%
  • Top class office rents – 18 EURO m2/month
  • A class office rents – 14,5-17 EURO m2/month
  • B class office rents – 9-14 EURO m2/month
  • Additional office costs – 2,5-9 EURO m2/month
Assistance in renting or buying real estate in Lithuania 1,000 EUR