How Can a Non-Resident Open a Company in Lithuania?

In this article, a lawyer from Company in Lithuania UAB will answer the most frequently asked questions faced by foreigners starting a business in Lithuania.

When opening a new business, foreigners often face difficulties:

1. Problematic arrival for opening/buying a business

How can a non-resident open a company in Lithuania?To complete the establishment/purchase of a company with a notary, the transaction should have to take place in Lithuania. As a result, foreigners often face difficulties, especially in obtaining a tourist visa.

Company in Lithuania UAB offers our foreign clients several options for starting a business:

1. Establish or buy a ready-made company remotely, without coming to Lithuania (through a power of attorney or a remote transaction). This is the most popular and fastest way.

2. Establish a company through a notary. A prerequisite is that an interpreter should participate during the transaction, who must translate all the information into a language understandable to the founder.

2. Opening a bank account

One of the main questions that foreigners have when opening a company in Lithuania is the opening of a company’s bank account. After the establishment of a company, the banking specialists of Company in Lithuania UAB can choose for you the most suitable solutions for opening an account for your company, based on the country of residence, the company’s activities and other factors.

3. Electronic and remote control of a company

All Lithuanian state institutions have electronic self-service systems, to which the director of a Lithuanian company can connect with an electronic or mobile signature. Also, in the absence of an electronic signature, it is possible to provide a power of attorney to a representative of Company in Lithuania UAB and order the necessary documents or carry out a legal procedure without coming to Lithuania.

Considering the nuances that arise when opening a new business in Lithuania, it is always worth contacting specialists who, having delved into each specific case, will provide the best solutions and accompany during the entire process of the company registration.

Company in Lithuania UAB has been successfully operating in the field of company registration for non-residents of Lithuania for more than five years, and the accumulated experience has helped many foreign citizens to successfully start a business in Lithuania. Contact us in a convenient way for you and get consultation today.