Legal Services for Lithuanian Company

Conducting business in Lithuania, as an entrepreneur requires to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Complying with Lithuania legislation enables a company to operate legally and avoid any legal issues.

Legal Services for Lithuanian companyThe best jurisdiction to start your new business is Lithuania primary benefits of which are different beneficial opportunities for entrepreneurs, such as fast company creation, simple and affordable services, rapidly developing digital opportunities and well-regulated licensing. Nevertheless, setting up a company is still a serious legal procedure and involves several aspects on the legal and business side that follow the creation of a company and its subsequent management.

Moreover, receiving competent support for your business provides a company with legal reliability and thereby contributes to trustworthiness which is, in fact, crucial for every business. Without a doubt, it is important to take care of a company’s reputation since its very establishment; an accurate start complying with Lithuanian legislation improves the chances of your company for subsequent literate management of a company.

Remember that by contacting a law firm such as Company in Lithuania UAB prior to taking any action, you will avoid unnecessary expenses and save time in solving problems that may arise because of an incompetent decision. In addition, by involving a lawyer in the preparation of the next step, you will be able to learn about the new opportunities and prospects of the situation.

Professionals of Company in Lithuania UAB will be glad to provide you with detailed information regarding various legal aspects current in Lithuania.

Company in Lithuania UAB considers it essential to offer qualified assistance with different legal aspects — legal opinion, legal advice, document drafting and other services that can simplify the activities of your company.

Legal Services for Blockchain Projects in Lithuania

Blockchain is a method of storing and organizing information in the form of linked data blocks, using encryption.

This area is relatively new and unexplored, but at the same time revolutionary and promising. Among the areas where blockchain technology can be applied are the banking and financial sector, investment and exchanges, the maintenance of any kind of registry, identification systems, payment facilities and services, and the storage and exchange of any kind of information. This is far from a complete list of areas where this technology can be applied.

Blockchain legal services provided by Company in Lithuania UAB

  • Legal consulting and comprehensive support of blockchain projects: mining, crypto exchangers, crypto funds, IT products based on blockchain technology, etc.
  • Corporate structure development and company registration to start the project
  • Opening bank accounts, payment systems
  • Preparation of key project documentation: Whitepaper, User Agreement, AML Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure, considering the specificities of each project
  • Payment licences and special authorizations
  • Ensuring the legal security of the project

Considerable experience of support of blockchain-projects allows us to offer clients legal services of high quality.

Most common types of Legal Support for Securing a Business in Lithuania

Suppose you are a foreigner-businessman interested in investing in the Lithuanian market. In that case, you should familiarise yourself with local legal frameworks beforehand and know what kind of legal support you can rely on.


First and foremost, there is a legal advice service. It means you can request help from a legal service provider and receive a consultation on the different legal matter of your choice and interest. Whether you are having an actual issue or just want to learn more about some legal aspect to avoid future problems, you may need legal advice. Just provide Company in Lithuania UAB with the information, and you will receive feedback that can also be referred to during the future activity of your company.

Some potential topics to discuss, but not limited to:

  • Commercial, labour and contract law
  • Lithuanian legislation
  • Legal documentation
  • Trading online
  • Financial licenses


Another valuable assistance available for entrepreneurs is help with documentation. Every business, even the one based in Lithuania where all the processes are simplified and take place online, implies paperwork — documents drafting. The contents of the documents affect how your company will be managed, how its profits will be distributed, what rights the owners of the company share have, how decisions will be made in the company. The rights and obligations of clients and partners of your company are clearly defined in the documents.

Why waste your time if, with a helpful hand of a professional lawyer, the following documents could be developed within the shortest possible time:

  • Company internal rules
  • Company regulations
  • Proxy texts
  • Development of site conditions
  • Legal opinion
  • Legal analysis of documents for compliance with Lithuanian legislation

And many more you may need help with.


Legal opinion is a written document that includes a detailed legal opinion on a particular issue or aspect of the customer’s activities. It is drawn up solely in the interests of a businessman to reduce the risk of violation of the law during the implementation of the transaction/launch of the project and to understand the upcoming stages fully.

The legal opinion allows you to get an independent view of a lawyer/attorney on a non-standard issue and determine whether the planned legally significant actions are appropriate and legal in the particular jurisdiction under consideration.

Simply put, legal opinion allows you to clearly define your legal rights and help you avoid costly litigation in the future. In that way, if you have any hesitations and feel that legal opinion is something you need — consider finding a service provider.

All legal consultations provided by Company in Lithuania UAB are strictly confidential and the topics covered therein do not apply to third parties. Lawyers of Company in Lithuania UAB will be happy to accompany your project at all stages of its development. An individual approach to each client is important for us, and we take care of your business needs, keeping track of the latest changes in Lithuanian legislation.