Opening a Company in Lithuania by a Power of Attorney

A limited liability company may be registered within five working days from the moment of submitting the documents to the Lithuanian Business Register.

Setting up a company by Power of Attorney

2,000 EUR
Package of setting up a company by Power of Attorney includes:
  • Assistance in setting up a company
  • Virtual office/legal address for 1 year
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Power of Attorney preparation
  • Translation of Power of Attorney to Lithuanian language
  • Representation of a participant by the Power of Attorney
  • Assistance in share capital contribution (1,000 euros) in bank of Lithuania
  • Notary services
  • State fee


  1. Company in Lithuania UAB sends an example of power of attorney in English based on Documents and information received from the founder.
  2. Based on the legislation of your country, it is necessary to prepare a translation of the powers of attorney into the national language.
  3. Once all the powers of attorney have been translated into the State language, it will be necessary to certify all the powers of attorney with the notary and to declare (if necessary).
  4. Once the power of attorney has been drawn up, it will be necessary to prepare a sworn translation into English.
  5. After all power of attorney has been confirmed and translated, they will have to be sent by courier to Company in Lithuania UAB at Lvovo g. 25, Vilnius 09320, Lithuania.
  6. After receiving the documents, Company in Lithuania UAB will translate them through a sworn translator into Lithuanian and reserve time at the notary for the establishment of the company.
  7. Our representative will open a preliminary account for capital contributions.
  8. It is necessary to transfer capital into a temporary account of the company.
  9. The notary will be able to apply to the Business Register. Registration of the company takes up to 5 working days after submission of documents.
  10. Once the company is registered, it will be possible to change the temporary bank account of the company to a permanent one. This step requires a personal presence.

Necessary information for company registration in Lithuania

Photo passports of all participants and information about the company to be established (name, activity, means of communication and data of founders)

Legal address of the company in Lithuania

A certificate from the bank confirming the deposit of a capital of not less than 1,000 euros.

Company in Lithuania UAB cooperates with each of our clients individually, and we will prepare the documents based on your information. Please contact our team, and we will offer you the best possible solution for your needs.


Viktoriia Korotkevich

Managing Associate

[email protected]