Individual Consultation

The consultation is intended to give an idea of the taxation of Lithuania,  the accounting statements of the Lithuanian company, the requirements of the Tax and Customs Department of Lithuania arising at the commencement of financial activities.

Company in Lithuania UAB offers a consultation to have a full understanding of the requirements and obligations of the Lithuanian company. As part of this consultation, accountants will be happy to answer your questions.

At this consultation you can get acquainted with the forms of business activity, discuss taxation and laws of Lithuania, understand the accounting requirements of the Lithuanian company. The exact content and cost of the consultation depends on your questions.

Topics that can be covered during the consultation:

  • Introduction to accounting in Lithuania
  • Taxation of Lithuanian company
  • Payment of dividends
  • Employment of workers
  • Wage calculation

Procedure for providing a consultation:

Send your questions, so we can estimate the amount and cost of the consultation.

Get a quotation with comments.

Detailed advice on your questions will be given in writing to you via email.

Individual consultation with an accountant
from 300 EUR
Tax advice
from 500 EUR