Ready-Made/Shelf Companies in Lithuania

Ready-Made/Shelf Companies in Lithuania

Ready-made company purchase

from 1,000 EUR
Package of purchasing a ready-made company includes:
  • Virtual office/legal address for 1 year
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Confirmation of the company‚Äôs share capital (EUR 2,500)
  • Notary services
  • State fee for the company transfer to a new owner

* Setting up a company on an individual order adds 500 EUR to the value of the finished company   

All proposed new Lithuanian ready-made limited companies are registered in the Commercial Register with a valid registration number and no previous business history. It is also possible to establish a new company on an individual order.

Keep in mind that ready-made companies do not have a bank account as all corporate accounts must be closed by their previous founders/managing board/owners. Before purchasing a ready-made/shelf company, the future owner will be provided with all relevant documents confirming that the company has no debts or financial obligations.

There are no restrictions on the number or nationality of the shareholder(s) and member(s) of the board of directors.

The sale and purchase of the finished Lithuanian company can be done remotely by means of a power of attorney issued to the representative of Company in Lithuania UAB. The power of attorney must be notarized and postulated. Company in Lithuania UAB prepares a full legal documentation package and submits all applications on your behalf – we only need basic information from your side to fill in and submit documents. After the Lithuanian Commercial Register receives all the changes, it takes 5 working days to update its database and the information about the new shareholder and member of the board of directors and the company will be displayed on the website of the Lithuanian Business Register.

Advantages of acquiring a ready-made company in Lithuania

  • Saving time (it takes 2-3 weeks longer to set up a new company).
  • There is no need to contribute a registered capital (in the finished company the authorized capital 2 500 EUR has already been deposited).
  • No need to visit Lithuania (a ready-made company can be purchased by proxy)

According to many researches, customers prefer companies that can demonstrate the time being on the market, because they seem to be trustworthy and infuse confidence that the company owners have experience in their field. It will give the impression that it has existed for some time and will give the customer the confidence that they can use your services.

The process of incorporation requires time, faster registration costs more money because of higher state fees. It is faster to change owner of existing company.

The amount of time that the company has been on the market can provide advantages in the business projects you are planning to launch. Some governmental and financial insist that a company be registered for a certain period before tenders are allowed. The share capital is already contributed to the company, which makes the establishment of a company quick and easy.

Information that is needed from the buyer

  • Company activity
  • Data of owners/beneficiaries of the company (photo passport, email, telephone, address of residence, family status)
  • Data of directors of the company (photo passport, email, telephone, address of residence, marital status)

Please contact Company in Lithuania UAB for more information, and we will provide an individual solution based on your needs to purchase a ready-made company in Lithuania.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should you choose to buy a ready-made company in Lithuania?
    The most important reason is time, by choosing this option you can save weeks and begin the activity of your company in the shortest possible time.
  • How is it possible to purchase a shelf company in Lithuania?
    It is possible to purchase completely remotely and by visit. Kindly send us a request to [email protected] and our company specialists will suggest to you the best suitable way for the company purchase is Lithuania.
  • Is it possible to change the Litnianian company name before and after re-registration?
    Yes, when purchasing a ready-made company in Lithuania, please inform us about the new name you wish to have and we will assist you accordingly, before or after re-registration.
  • Do any of our off the shelf Lithuanian companies have any liability or debt?
    TWe carefully check all shelf companies and offer our clients only companies with transparent history which have no debts nor financial obligations.
  • Is it possible to re-register a Lithuanian company by the Power of Attorney?
    A Ready-Made lithuanian company can be obtained by visit to Lithuania, and also remotely, using a Power of Attorney.
  • What services are included in the price of a Lithuanian ready-made company?
    The cost includes: virtual office for 1 year, preparation of required documents, confirmation of the company’s share capital (EUR 2,500), notary services, and state fee.
  • Do any of our off the shelf companies have a bank account in Lithuania?
    No, none of the shelf companies offered have bank accounts. All corporate accounts have been closed by their previous owners.
  • Do any of our off the shelf companies have a VAT number from the Lithuania tax department?
    No, the shelf companies on sale do not have a VAT number in Lithuania.
  • Is it easier to buy a ready-made company in Lithuania than to establish a new one?
    Yes, acquisition of a ready-made company does simplify the process. The time spent on re-registering a ready-made company is differ from the time of setting up a company from the start.