Winding up of a Lithuanian Company

If any unforeseen circumstances prevent making business as usual, and it becomes clear that a company is no longer profitable, it is advisable to dissolve the company. Company in Lithuania UAB team will assist at all stages of company dissolution.

Company liquidation is a legal process resulting in a complete termination of financial and economic activities of the company and removal of the company from the Lithuanian Commercial Register. Specialists of the Company in Lithuania UAB will help you to complete the company dissolution procedure in the shortest time in full compliance with the law and completely remotely.

It is impossible to carry out the procedure of dissolution of the company without qualified legal support. Therefore, we will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have and to prepare and submit all necessary documents to get rid of the company you do not need as soon as possible.

Stages of company dissolution

  • Preparation of the resolution on dissolution of the company
  • Appointment of a liquidator to the company
  • Filling out the necessary forms to the registration centre
  • Posting a notice of dissolution in the public domain, followed by notification to all known creditors
  • Preparation and making the final balance sheet
  • Submission of all documents to the state archive
  • Payment of the state fee
  • Deregistration of the entity

Assistance in company dissolution

To start dissolution of a company, you need to fill in a feedback form and specify details of the company to be dissolved. A final accounting report is needed for dissolution of your company. You can provide it to specialists of Company in Lithuania UAB if it is already prepared in advance. If not, we can help you prepare the necessary reports.

Basic conditions for dissolution of a Lithuanian company:

The procedure takes about 3 to 6 months.

To start the procedure, the accountant must be given access via mobile ID or power of attorney.

Cost of company dissolution services is 850 euros.

To start the procedure, the company must submit annual reports.

Before dissolution, the company must not have any debts.

Assistance in company dissolution includes the following:

  • Preparing a resolution on dissolution
  • Appointment of a liquidator
  • Filling out forms and submitting all the necessary documents to the registration centre
  • Posting of public announcement of dissolution
  • Submission of documents to the Archive and Tax Department
  • State fee
Liquidation balance 250 EUR
Assistance in company dissolution 850 EUR
Representing by the power of attorney 150 EUR