Obtaining a License in Lithuania
Obtaining a license in Lithuania

Licensing of companies’ activities is a generally accepted global practice, and Lithuania is no exception. With the help of a license, the state grants businesses permission to operate in certain areas, thereby protecting the end consumers of products or services. The legislation of the Republic of Lithuania in the matter of licensing is no exception — to conduct business in the country in certain areas, it is necessary to obtain licenses and permits too.

Mandatory licensing of activities in Lithuania

Licenses and permits are required to conduct the following types of activities in the Republic of Lithuania:

  • Activities of financial companies
  • Transportation and storage of gas, as well as gas supply
  • Trade in petroleum products
  • Crediting
  • Cryptocurrency license
  • Insurance and brokerage activities
  • Forex license
  • Payment institution license
  • Hotel and restaurant activities
  • Production of securities, forms of documents, and official signs
  • Arms trade, operation of shooting ranges and firing butts
  • Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license
  • Production of fire protection and fire safety equipment
  • Construction of residential and non-residential facilities
  • Operate as a Financial Institution license
  • Construction of heating and hot water supply systems and their maintenance
  • Research, production, storage of medicines and medicinal substances, as well as wholesale trade in them;
  • Pharmaceutical activity
  • Outpatient and inpatient medical services
  • Gambling license
  • Activities related to the production, acquisition, supply, collection, storage, and use of toxic substances;
  • Veterinary practice
  • Activities related to the storage of potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and grains
  • Import and export of agricultural products
  • Production, wholesale of and retail trade in alcoholic and tobacco products
  • Tobacco cultivation
  • Antiques trade
  • Bank license
  • Retail trade in gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gas, biodiesel for vehicles
  • Employment abroad
  • Passenger and cargo transportation by water on international flights
  • Freight and passenger railway transportation
  • Passenger transportation by bus or passenger cars
  • Passenger transportation by taxi
  • Air transportation
  • Implementation of training programs of basic vocational education
  • Production of national flags, automobile flags and table flags
  • Radio and television broadcasting by ground stations and cable networks
  • Provision of postal and courier services
  • Organization of lotteries, table games, gambling, and betting

This is far from a complete list of areas in the Republic of Lithuania where activities require permits and licenses. If you are interested in providing services in one of the above areas of activity and would like to know whether your company needs licensing or a permit to operate, in which department of Lithuania you need to apply for a license for your company’s type of activity and what documents are needed for this, then lawyers and accountants of Company in Lithuania UAB will be happy to cooperate. Based on the industry, our team of lawyers will advise you on doing business in the country, tell you about obtaining a license in Lithuania, the need for a license permit, and also help in preparing and submitting documents to the appropriate authority.

The Company in Lithuania UAB team has successfully helped to obtain a permit for the type of activity and licenses for many companies, including a license for the wholesale trade in pharmaceuticals in the EU, currency exchange in Estonia and Lithuania, international cargo transportation in the EU and in many other areas of activity.

Where and how can I get a license for a type of activity in Lithuania

The issuance of state permits in Lithuania has a certain system of organization. There is no single body in the country where you can get any necessary license. However, there are a number of industry instances that issue permits and licenses for a particular type of activity to companies in a particular business area.

Authorities in Lithuania that issue licenses and permits:


  • Bank of Lithuania
  • Securities Commission
  • State Inspectorate of Motor Transport
  • State Commission for Price Control and Energy
  • Ministry of Health
  • State Service for Technological Protection of Documents
  • Department of Cultural Heritage Protection
  • Ministry of Communications
  • Lithuanian Financial Market Supervision Commission
  • National Payment Agency
  • State Railway Inspection
  • State Service of Public Health Protection
  • State Service for Drug Control
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Police Department
  • Fire Protection and Rescue Department
  • State Border Service
  • State Service for Seeds and Grain
  • State Plant Protection Service
  • Commission for Supervision of Insurance Activities
  • Department of Physical Culture and Sports
  • Lithuanian Archives Department
  • Weapons Fund
  • State Food and Veterinary Service
  • State Service for Tobacco and Alcohol Control
  • Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission
  • The State Commission for Control of Gambling Activities
  • Communication Adjustment Service
  • City Halls

Before you apply for a license for a type of activity in Lithuania, you should apply to one of these authorities. The procedure for obtaining a license and the list of documents that must be provided when submitting an application differs not only depending on the industry, but also on the nature of the company’s activities. For example, a license for wholesale trade in alcohol and tobacco products must be obtained from the State Service for Tobacco and Alcohol Control, and a license for retail trade in alcohol and tobacco products is issued by local Lithuanian city halls.

Consultation and comprehensive support for obtaining a license for a type of activity

The team of lawyers of Company in Lithuania UAB provides services for obtaining a license in Lithuania. We will help you in all matters related to the preparation of documents for obtaining permits in Lithuania, and also, if necessary, we can carry out the licensing process of your company by proxy.

Description of the cooperation process

  • Consultation. Our lawyers will advise you, taking into account the sphere of your company’s activities, determine which license you need, what documents are required for this and where they should be submitted;
  • Preparation of documents. Having received all the data from you, the lawyers proceed to drawing up the necessary documentation and filling out the license application.
  • Accompanying support. You pay the cost of the services, and also issue a power of attorney to our employee, who will represent the interests of your company in all state authorities of Lithuania, for which you need to apply for a license.

Contact Company in Lithuania UAB and start the licensing process today.