The e-Residency in Lithuania

The e-residency program was launched in Lithuania in January 2021. The range of services provided to e-residents will be gradually expanded to enable digital possibilities of developing business relations, company establishment and management, performing of financial operations as well as access to other services relevant to foreigners. The e-residency card is given out for a foreigner who wishes to use the administrative, public, or commercial services provided electronically in the Republic of Lithuania. It will give a digital identity for non-residence of Lithuania and electronic signature means. Currently it gives the access to the government e-services and ability to give digital signatures.

However, it should be noted that the e-Resident ID-card does not grant Lithuanian citizenship nor the right to enter the EU to its holder, as it is not a physical identity card.

e-Residency in Lithuania

The main opportunities provided by e-residency in Lithuania:

  • The right to register a company (business).
  • The right to open a corporate / personal bank account under a simplified scheme.
  • Remote management of the company, remote accounting
  • Use of electronic digital signature
  • Access to Lithuanian state portals

The only significant limitation of e-citizenship is the lack of the right to vote/be elected to one of the state bodies of Lithuania.

The e-residency card application is possible to submit online on the following link. The decision on granting the status of an electronic resident is made immediately. The state fee to apply for e-residency in Lithuania is 90 EUR. To receive your e-residency card and electronic signature means you must choose a most convenient migration department in Lithuania and pick it up personally or authorize someone trustful to do it for you. Once your status of e-residence is approved it is valid for 3 years.

Becoming a member of the Lithuanian business Community will be a reasonable solution for developing your own business in Lithuania and will allow you to carry out most of the processes remotely. The lawyers of Company in Lithuania UAB are ready to help and consult, as well as provide their services for registering your business in Lithuania.